Time 15 minutes
Age 5 & up
Group Size 10 or more
Tags Game, Games, Minimal Materials,   more...

Can you work as a team to meet this challenge?

Many of the activities in this curriculum rely on kids working together as a team. Engaging children early on in team-building activities such as this one can help to create a foundation for later team-based work in which collaborating together is critical to students’ success.


Suggested Materials

  • Stopwatch or watch with a second hand

Make it Matter

Opening Discussion

If you did the activity, ask your students about their experience doing the Hula Hoop Challenge. What sorts of things did they do to make it easier?

The Challenge

Standing in a circle holding hands, can the whole group of students pass a “pulse” all the way around the circle? How quickly can they do it? Can they beat their best time? In this challenge, the “pulse” is when one child squeezes the hand of the child next to them. The second child then squeezes the hand of the next child, etc., until the pulse travels all the way back around to the first child.


Make it Happen

Doing the Activity

  1. Gather all of the children together and present the challenge.
  2. When your students are standing in a circle holding hands, select one child (or you!) as the person starting the pulse. Tell them you’re going to time how long it takes for the pulse to get back to the person who started it.
  3. On your signal, have the first child squeeze the hand of the child to their right. As soon as they feel their hand being squeezed, this second child should squeeze the hand of the child to their right.  This should continue until the pulse makes it all the way around the circle and back to where it started. Tell the first child to let you know when they feel their hand squeezed by the child to their left—that will mean that the pulse made it all the way around. Make sure you are timing them, and share with them how long it took.

Make it Click

Let’s Talk About It

After their first try, ask them how this activity was different from the Hula Hoop Challenge. Was it easier, harder, or about the same? What are some things they can do so that they can send the pulse more quickly the next time they try? Does the group think they can beat their first time?


Make it Better

Build On What They Talked About

Have the group try again and see if they can beat their best time. Try a few times until you feel they have a sense of accomplishment.


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