Soda Science – Advertising Your Soda

Art Literacy
Time 30 minutes
Age 7 & up
Group Size 4 or more
Tags Advertising, Marketing, Recipe,   more...

What's unique about your soda?

Having kids advertise their new creations will help them work on literacy and art skills, and also will cause them to think about the unique attributes of their soda. This kind of work is great for helping to develop critical skills like observing, distinguishing properties of materials, etc.


This is a follow-up to Soda Science and Soda Science – Improving Your Recipe. Make sure each team has their recipes and survey results to refer to if needed. Gather some magazines for your students to look through.

Soda Science – Advertising Your Soda

Suggested Materials

  • Construction paper
  • Markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.
  • Magazines

Make it Matter

Opening Discussion

Ask your students about how they learn about new products sold in the grocery store. Brainstorm a list of places where companies advertise their products.

The Challenge

Create an advertisement that will convince everyone that you invented the best soda out there! (You can choose to have your class create either a print advertisement or a commercial that they will act out. It is suggested that the whole class use the same advertising method, so you should choose ahead of time).


Make it Happen

Doing the Activity

  1. If you are doing print advertisements, have your students look through some magazines and pay attention to the advertisements. What are some tricks that advertisers use to try to sell their product? If your students will be acting out a commercial, have them think about commercials they’ve seen before.
  2. Hand out the necessary materials and have each team create their advertisement. Have them think about what is unique about their sodas and what they like about it, and build their ads based on that.

Make it Click

Let’s Talk About It

After 10-15 minutes, bring your students together to talk about their process. Did they notice anything in the magazines that they’ll use in their ads? Did they get any ideas from ads they’ve seen before?


Make it Better

Build On What They Talked About

After the discussion, have your students go back to their teams and finish their ads. When they are done, you can post them up or have teams take turns acting out their commercials.


  • Bring music into the activity and ask teams to write a “jingle” or a rap for their commercial.
  • Have teams create labels for their sodas that they can glue onto bottles and use in their ads.
  • Record radio ads that can then be played back for the entire afterschool.
  • Share the commercials during a family event or during pick-up time when parents are arriving.
  • Have props or even costumes on hand for the commercials.
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